In your absence I find other forms of amusement.

Monday, July 24th, 2006 @ 5:00 am | Humor

An oldie-but-goodie: I was browsing through the contents of my old Livejournal (you probably wouldn’t be interested), and I came across this link.

The Surrealist Compliment Generator will provide you with minutes of fun, as well as a Dali-esque turn of phrase to woo the woman (or man) in your life. After all, what woman wouldn’t swoon over compliments like this?

A suburban distance lying across your chest, a purpled frock befitting the asphyxiated, cans of lima beans upon your knees, you are truly a goddess of disturbed tranquility!

You blink thrice warned that I can but think of the eyebrows of Richard Nixon covering a hostess of furry twinkies.

Your skin sheds forth so that I endlessly crave pans of fried baclava.

Romantic, no?

2 Responses to “In your absence I find other forms of amusement.”

  1. Krissy Says:

    No kidding…….just the type of stuff you would like to tell someone on a date…however I have heard and seen worst…so don’t worry about scaring me off.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Ah, so you do read my blog?

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