God, I’m prolific tonight…

Tuesday, April 13th, 2004 @ 1:45 am | Music

I think I’m gonna buy the William Hung album.

I don’t watch American Idol, although I generally do watch the first few episodes, where they show all the bad singers. I was just gonna write him off as a bad Ricky Martin impersonator whom everyone else liked. But listening to the samples from his latest album has me smirking like the Cheshire Cat.

Behold William Hung massacring such hits as Hotel California, I Believe I Can Fly, and several greats from the Elton John canon (as well as the obligatory Ricky Martin performances)!

William Hung’s success is ultimately the result of an internet meme, ala Mahir Cagri (the Turkish “I Kiss You” guy). His inherent foreign dweebiness is endearing, and his musical performances demonstrate a total lack of self-awareness (which is the key trait of an outsider musician, as defined by Irwin Chusid).

I just hope this doesn’t signal the start of a trend of Ricky Martin impersonators (ala Elvis).

So, I can appreciate the fact that he’s the most commercially-popular musical outsider ever. But perhaps I’m a snob, and prefer my outsider musicians to be obscure musical treasures (esp. those who write their own material). Such as Wesley Willis, or the Shaggs. Folks, you just haven’t lived until you’ve heard Wesley sing about whupping Batman’s ass over the beat of a Casio keyboard rhythm.

Rock over London. Rock on Chigago. Wheaties, The breakfast of champions.

ADDENDUM: Susan Orlean, the New Yorker columnist of Adaptation / The Orchid Thief fame, wrote an excellent article on the Shaggs in 1999. Also check out Orchid Fever, the article that inspired The Orchid Thief (and the film Adaptation).

5 Responses to “God, I’m prolific tonight…”

  1. Brandon Says:

    As I was reading this I was literally thinking “what? no shaggs love?”, and then I got satisfaction.

    Your Pal,

    Foot Foot

  2. Andrew Says:

    Yeah, but the Jandek fans will have to look elsewhere for their satisfaction. Maybe in a future post.

  3. Brandon Says:


    We’ve all gotta move over for Mingering Mike though.

  4. Chris whY Says:

    So, is that Andrew hy, or Andrew Why? Why, do I ask? Yes. And whY am I. (That’s a statement.) Thanks for hippin’ me to the Shaggs! I must have. Funny what you find riding the wave-tips of LJ.

    Rock over London. Rock on, Chicago. Rock like my socks, Denver. (RIP Wesley..)

    -Chris whY aka absinthe_satori , Denver

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